Canadian Embassy, Washington, DC

The Challenge

In 1995 trade promotion staff at the Canadian Embassy in Washington, DC could see the potential of the Internet for promoting Canadian business and national interests in the United States.

The Solution

whitehouseMy web development practice, Canniff and Company had two prime advantages in competing head-on with American firms:

In March 1995 I began work on storyboards and site drafts, proceeding through several iterations. On April 25, 1995 the Canadian embassy in Washington, DC became the first Canadian embassy to have a website.

The Result

capitolTo prove value for money to Ottawa, the embassy needed to reach a primarily American audience.  Relying upon analysis with Intersé Market Focus, I was able to continually refine site content to attract the American target audience.  Over a period of several months, the Canadian/American user ratio was reversed from 60/40 to 40/60, thanks to content re-design and site marketing.