Recovery Partners Limited

“Paul Canniff has been servicing our web development and general online technology needs for over five years. He is current in his knowledge and technological expertise, which have been instrumental in the successful re-launch of our website. We strongly recommend him to everyone contemplating establishing, enhancing or maintaining an online presence.”

Alex Jurshevski, CEO, Recovery Partners Limited

Chelsea Supporters Club Vancouver

"Paul developed our website from scratch. His development work was first-class and on-time. Paul's maintenance of the site and prompt response to requests has been very impressive. He also has the ability to interpret and explain IT issues to non-IT personnel. Highly recommend."

Gerard Toms, President, Chelsea Supporters Club Vancouver

“Paul Canniff has consistently kept my website design clean, usable, attractive, and modern. I recommend him for your website design and maintenance.”

Timothy M. Denton, Principal,

ATB Financial

“Paul was instrumental in the successful development and deployment of the new Marketing self-serve site on our corporate intranet. Based on our business objectives and requirements, he helped facilitate the dialogue to ensure understanding and alignment between Marketing, IT and our agency, enabling us to deliver an amazing site within very tight timelines.”

Jolene Van Den Bruel, Senior Marketing Manager, Personal Financial Services, ATB Financial

PC Caucus Research Services

“Paul's work in putting up video of our MPs in Question Period and interviewing them online placed us way ahead of other political parties. And it was technology that was still easy for our web visitors to use. That made all the difference.”

Russ Carrigan, Former Director of Research, PC Caucus Services

Office of the Leader of the Opposition

"Working with Paul was a pleasure. His depth of knowledge and ability to get the job done meant that we were able to complete complex projects on incredibly short deadlines. He developed and launched the first ever intranet site for the Leader's Office. The site was a tremendous success largely due to Paul's great work."

Matthew John, Former Manager of Technical Services, Office of the Leader of the Opposition

Canadian Embassy, Washington, DC

“I selected Paul Canniff to design and launch Canada's first web site for any Embassy anywhere in the world -- as my contractor, when I worked at the Canadian Embassy in Washington DC. It was a very high-profile, high-risk, short-turn project. Tight budget, required managing ideas, objectives and expectations of multiple program managers and overseen by very risk-averse senior diplomats -- at a time when senior diplomats considered web sites to be frivolous.

Paul's expert knowledge of concepts of effective web design, technology (not just coding and content but top SEO tactics in the days way before Google), keen understanding of the delicate nature of the "optics" issues government has, and ferocious dedication to deliver superlative results brought us a web site that was quickly ranked by top search engines as one of the top-visited sites.”

Judy Bradt, former Trade Commissioner, Canadian Embassy, Washington, DC

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