Canadian Embassy, Washington, DC

“I selected Paul Canniff to design and launch Canada's first web site for any Embassy anywhere in the world -- as my contractor, when I worked at the Canadian Embassy in Washington DC. It was a very high-profile, high-risk, short-turn project. Tight budget, required managing ideas, objectives and expectations of multiple program managers and overseen by very risk-averse senior diplomats -- at a time when senior diplomats considered web sites to be frivolous.

Paul's expert knowledge of concepts of effective web design, technology (not just coding and content but top SEO tactics in the days way before Google), keen understanding of the delicate nature of the "optics" issues government has, and ferocious dedication to deliver superlative results brought us a web site that was quickly ranked by top search engines as one of the top-visited sites.”

Judy Bradt, former Trade Commissioner, Canadian Embassy, Washington, DC

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